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Peake’s contributions to periodicals in prose

For the letters by Peake that have been printed in Peake Studies since 1988 see the list of contents of past issues.

  1. News from Afar [London Missionary Society], November 1922, p.172,
    ‘A Letter from China’ (illustrated)
    Both letter and drawing were reprinted in MPR 11:4 & 5. Now available in Mervyn Peake: the Man and his Art, p.25.

  2. News from Afar [London Missionary Society], January 1924, p.9,
    ‘Ways of Travelling’ (illustrated)
    Reproduced in WD, p.10. Now available in Mervyn Peake: the Man and his Art, p.26. 

  3. Convoy, July 1946, No.4, pp.23–27,
    ‘The Glass Blowers’ (illustrated)
    A ‘prose poem’ reprinted in MPR 18:3–7. Now available in Mervyn Peake: the Man and his Art, pp.71–2.

  4. Counterpoint, 1946, Vol.2,
    ‘Belsen 1945’
    Two extracts from a diary.
    Not seen. Cf. WI, p.38, item 16.

  5. Listener, 27 November 1947, Vol.38, No.983, p.926,
    ‘What Makes a Good Book Illustration?’ (illustrated)
    A radio talk in the series, ‘As I See it’ (see Part E). Not complete; the full text was printed in MPR 9:14–16 (Autumn 1979, below).
    A shortened version also appeared in Design [Syracuse, New York], November 1948, Vol.50, No. 2, pp.22–23, entitled, ‘Illustrating for Books’.

  6. World Review, August 1949, New Series No.6, pp.55–59,
    prose poem, ‘London Fantasy’ (illustrated).
    Reprinted without the illustrations (!) in WD, p.78.
    Reproduced from World Review, with illustrations, in MPR 16:11–15, and again in PS Vol.9, No.iv, pp.3–7.

  7. Lilliput, January 1950, Vol.26, No.1, issue No.151, pp.58–59,
    short story, ‘The Connoisseurs’ (illustrated).
    Reprinted in PP (see MPR 13:6.) and in Boy in Darkness and other stories (A21c)
    There is also, on p.112 of this issue of Lilliput, a biographical note on MP.

  8. Listener, 23 December 1954, Vol.52, No.1347, p.1106,
    a radio talk, ‘Alice and Tenniel and Me’ (illustrated) – see Part E.
    Not complete; the full text was printed in MPR 6:20–24 (Spring 1978, below).

  9. Athene [Journal of New Society of Art Teachers], April 1957, Vol.8, No.3, p.21,
    article, ‘What is Drawing?’
    Reprinted in MPR 15:3.

  10. Radio Times, for the week of 7–14 July 1957,
    ‘In Search of Mr Pye’ – about the inception of the novel on which MP’s play, ‘For Mr Pye – an Island’ (broadcast on 10th July), was based.
    Reprinted in PS 10:iii:3–4.

  11. Science Fantasy, 1963, Vol.20, No.60, pp.57–65,
    short story, ‘Same Time, Same Place’
    For reprints in books, see Part C: prose.

  12. Science Fantasy, 1963, Vol.21, No.61, pp.46–55,
    short story, ‘Danse Macabre’
    For reprints in books, see Part C: prose.

  13. New Worlds, February 1969, No.187, pp.[41–43],
    ‘The Adventures of Foot-fruit’ [a facsimile extract from the illustrated manuscript]
    Reprinted in Complete Nonsense.
    A note at the foot of p.82 in BN refers to this New Worlds item, but it is misleading; the text printed there does not correspond to this extract.

  14. New Worlds, September–October 1969, No.194, pp.20–23,
    ‘The Party at Lady Cusp-Canine’s’
    A chapter omitted from the 1st edition of TA (A12a) and added to the revised edition (A12d).

  15. Mervyn Peake Review, Spring 1978, No.6, pp.20–24,
    ‘Alice and Tenniel and Me’
    The complete text of his Listener radio talk, 1954 (above).
    Reprinted in PS 12:iii (October 2011) pp.4–8.

  16. Mervyn Peake Review, Spring 1979, No.8, pp.3–5,
    ‘The Artist’s World’
    A radio talk dating from 1947 (see Part E).
    Reprinted in PS 12:ii (April 2011) pp.5–9, with a previously unpublished letter to MP from Kay Fuller.

  17. Mervyn Peake Review, Autumn 1979, No.9, pp.14–23,
    ‘Book Illustration’ (illustrated)
    The complete text of his Listener radio talk, 1947 (above).
    Reprinted in PS 12:ii (April 2011) pp.15–21.

  18. Mervyn Peake Review, Spring 1980, No.10, pp.4–16,
    contributions to ‘The Reader Takes Over’, a BBC panel discussion of Titus Groan, recorded in 1947 (see Part E), edited and annotated by GPW.
    Reprinted in PS 12:ii (April 2011) pp.27–41.

  19. Mervyn Peake Review, Summer 1985, No.19, pp.11–28,
    [Fourteen] Letters to Maurice Collis, compiled and edited by John Watney, with one embellishment.

  20. Mervyn Peake Review, 1987/88, No.21, pp.5–95,
    ‘Titus Groan: a radio play’
    The text of the radio adaption by Peake broadcast on 1st February 1956. With a two-page introduction by Brian Sibley, and five sketches by Peake.

  21. Mervyn Peake Review, 1990, No.23, pp.[7–11],
    ‘Titus Awakes’
    The few decipherable pages of Peake’s projected fourth book about Titus Groan, with a brief introduction by John Watney.
    Reprinted in the Overlook edition of Titus Alone, pp.359–63 (1992).
    Reprinted in Maeve Gilmore’s Titus Awakes, pp.1–5.

  22. The Mervyn Peake Review, 1996, No.29 [distributed 1997]
    The Cave or Anima Mundi
    An unperformed play; discussed in PS 5:3 (October 1997).

  23. Peake Studies, October 2006, Vol 10 No 1, pp.[5]–42
    Those Wicked Doctors: a farce in three acts
    An unperformed play, complete.

  24. Peake Studies, April 2007, Vol.10 No 2, pp.4–5
    ‘Private Language’
    A brief dialogue, complete.

  25. Peake Studies, April 2007, Vol.10 No 2, pp.6–13
    ‘Isle Escape’
    Fragments of an unfinished play.

  26. Peake Studies, April 2007, Vol.10 No 2, pp.14–27
    ‘Four Old Men’ or ‘The Widowers’
    Fragment of an unfinished play.

  27. Peake Studies, April 2008, Vol.10 No 4, pp.26–34
    ‘The Greenhorn’
    Fragment of an unfinished play.

  28. Peake Studies, April 2008, Vol.10 No 4, pp.35–39
    ‘The Teddy Boys’
    Fragment of an unfinished play.

  29. Peake Studies, April 2009, Vol.11 No 2, pp.3–32
    ‘Manifold Basket’
    Fragment of an unfinished play.

  30. Peake Studies, April 2012, Vol.12 No 4, pp.4–18
    ‘Johnny Butterfield’
    An unfinished story, with other pieces from the same notebook.

  31. Peake Studies, October 2014, Vol.14 No 1, pp.3–105
    Mr Loftus, or a Horse of Air’ complete – free on this site.
    Watney reported the sub-title as ‘A House of Air’ and I repeated his mistake right up to 2007 (thirty years!) when I was finally permitted to see the MS. It really is ‘A Horse of Air’ – a quotation from the early 17th-century ballad of Tom o’ Bedlam.
    In a deleted draft of the play, there appears to be an alternative title and explanatory subtitle: ‘My Home, My Wilderness: a play to show conflict between instinctive belief and inner reality – and rationalism’ (Add MS 88931/3/3/1 at the British Library).

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