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Abbreviated titles with the editions for reference

BN = Book of Nonsense (A17)
CLP = Craft of the Lead Pencil (A5)
CSDA = Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor (A1)
Drawings 1949 = Drawings by Mervyn Peake (A7)
Drawings 1974 = Drawings of Mervyn Peake (A18)
11P = Eleven Poems, published as MPR no 27, 1995 (A25)
G = Gormenghast (A9d)
Gb = The Glassblowers (A8)
Gilmore = Maeve Gilmore’s memoir, A World Away. Gollancz, 1970. (F1)
LLU = Letters from a Lost Uncle (A6)
MP = Mr Pye (A10)
MPMA = Mervyn Peake: the man and his art (ed. G. Peter Winnington), Peter Owen, 2006 (F14)
MPR = The Mervyn Peake Review, published by the MPSoc 1975–1996, indexed on this site
MPVA = Peter Winnington’s biography, Mervyn Peake’s Vast Alchemies. Peter Owen, 2009 (F11)
PP = Peake’s Progress (A22)
P&D = Poems and Drawings (A14)
PS = Peake Studies, indexed on this site
RFB = Rhyme of the Flying Bomb (A13)
RoB = A Reverie of Bone (A15a)
RwR = Rhymes without Reason (A3a)
Smith = Gordon Smith’s memoir, Mervyn Peake. Gollancz, 1984 (F5)
SP = Selected Poems (A16)
S&S = Shapes and Sounds (A2a)
TA = Titus Alone (A12d)
10P = Ten Poems, published as MPR no 26, 1993 (A24)
TG = Titus Groan (A4d)
12P = Twelve Poems (A20)
VoH = G. Peter Winnington, The Voice of the Heart: the working of Mervyn Peake’s imagination. Liverpool U.P., 2006 (F15)
W&D = Writings and Drawings (A19)
Watney = John Watney’s biography, Mervyn Peake. Michael Joseph, 1976 (F3)
WI = The catalogue of the ‘Word and Image III’ Mervyn Peake exhibition at the National Book League, London, 1972 (E)
Y = Malcolm Yorke’s biography, Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold – a life. John Murray, 2000 (F12)

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