A - books by MP

B - books he illustrated

C - his contributions to books D - his contributions to periodicals

E - exhibitions & ephemera

F - monographs on MP

G - assessments in books

H - assessments in periodicals

I - theses & dissertations

Index to MP’s poems

Abbreviations used in PiP

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In the early 1980s, I compiled a bibliography of Mervyn Peake’s work, in collaboration with the late Dee Berkeley, which we called “Peake in Print” - PiP for short. It was published by instalments in The Mervyn Peake Review. Ten years later, I put it on the web, and continue to enlarge and update it regularly.
Being human, I make mistakes; if you see one (of any kind), please do tell me: I love improving this site. Similarly, I cannot spot every book, article, or review as it comes out, so please tell me if you come across something that is not listed here, or write something that I should include in Parts F, G, H, or I. Many thanks.
PiP is now commonly used by booksellers and collectors to identify the various editions and issues of Peake’s work; thus “B2a” (for example) refers to the first edition (hence the “a”) of The Hunting of the Snark, the second book that Peake illustrated (hence B2).
Please remember that this bibliography is copyright. This means that you may quote from it, but you must obtain my permission if you want to reproduce whole entries and/or make commercial use of it. Please acknowledge this source whenever you quote from it (in a booklist, catalogue, article, dissertation, etc.); PiP represents forty years of research.

All words and images by Mervyn Peake are
© copyright the Mervyn Peake Estate.

Unless otherwise indicated, the place of publication is London.
Translations are not included.

Peake in Print is organized as follows:

Part A - Books by Peake, with lists of reviews
Part B - Books illustrated by Peake, with reviews
Part C - Peake’s contributions to books
  • in prose
  • in verse and
  • in the form of dustwrappers and other decorations
    Part D - Peake’s contributions to periodicals
  • in prose
  • in verse and
  • in the form of drawings and illustrations
  • Part E - Exhibitions, plays, adaptations and ephemera (with a section on musical compositions inspired by Peake)
    Part F - Monographs on Peake’s life and work
    Part G - Assessments of Peake’s work in books
    Part H - Assessments of Peake’s work in periodicals
    Part I - Dissertations and theses on Peake
    And a first-line and title index to Peake’s 200+ poems.

    There’s a list of the abbreviations used in PiP.

    For ghosts, i.e. works that were advertised and never published, and works attributed to Peake that were actually by others, see the last lines of the Mervyn Peake FAQ page.

    Also on this site, although it is not a work by Mervyn Peake, is a page about Maeve Gilmore’s continuation of Peake’s story of Titus Groan, published as Titus Awakes.

    I hope you find this useful - and I look forward to hearing from you!
    G. Peter Winnington

    Previously, this site was paid for by subscriptions to Peake Studies. The journal having ceased publication, I must cover the expenses myself. Your support through a donation, however small, is greatly appreciated.

    Two British booksellers specialize in Peake’s work: visit Mike Kemp’s site, and Leslie Sklaroff’s.
    The main gallery selling drawings and paintings by Peake belongs to Chris Beetles.

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