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Volume 1, 1988–1990
Volume 2, 1990–1992
Volume 3, 1992–1994
Volume 4, 1994–1996
Volume 5, 1996–1998
Volume 6, 1998–2000
Volume 7, 2000–2002
Volume 8, 2002–2004
Volume 9, 2004–2006
Volume 10, 2006–2008
Volume 11, 2008–2010
Volume 12, 2010—2012
Volume 13, 2012—2014
Volume 14, 2014—2015

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Vol.13 No.iv for April 2014

Vol.14 No.i for October 2014

Vol.14 No.ii for April 2015

Vol.14 No.iii for October 2015
(last issue)

Volume 1, issues i–iv
published between Autumn 1988 and Spring 1990

Back to School: a note on Patrick McGrath’s Ambrose Syme, Colin Greenland, iv: 5–8. Suggests some influence of MP on McGrath.
‘A barrier of foolery?’ The depiction of women in Titus Alone, Tanya Gardiner-Scott, i: 13–26. Reprinted in Mervyn Peake, Titus Alone (A12l). Woodstock, New York: Overlook Press, 1992. pp.344–54.
Belsen, 1945 [two drawings and a poem], Mervyn Peake, ii: 24–25
‘The Consumptive. Belsen 1945.’ A note, Tanya Gardiner-Scott, ii: 26–28. Compares two versions of MP’s ‘Holocaust’ poem.
Eric Drake 1898–1988, G Peter Winnington, i: 5–12. A brief sketch of the life and impact on MP of his English teacher at Eltham – the man who founded the artist community on Sark, built the gallery there, and drew MP out to join him. With three contemporary photographs, not previously published.
Expandable architecture, Laurence Bristow-Smith, i: 27–30. Suggests that MP’s ‘pantechnicon’ style influenced other novelists like Michael Moorcock, J P Donleavy, and J G Farrell in particular.
From Fantasy: the 100 Best Books, James Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock, ii: 5–6. Reproduces the entry on MP from a newly published book.
From the heart of bone: the painterly vision of Mervyn Peake, John D Cox, iii: 5–15. A paper read at the 1972 MLA conference.
The graphic art of Mervyn Peake, Veronica M S Kennedy, iii: 17–24. A paper read at the 1972 MLA conference.
Harlequin and Harlequina’s house of painted magic, Michael Moorcock, ii: 29–32. Reminiscence of Maeve and Mervyn reprinted from The Guardian.
MP’s shorter fiction, Richard C West, iii: 25–31. A paper read at the 1972 MLA conference.
On the editing of Titus Alone, G Peter Winnington, iv: 19–28. Reproduces a previously unpublished letter from the editor of TA to MP, discusses the impact it had on MP and adds a fresh letter from the same editor.
Periodical Peake, G Peter Winnington, ii: 33–37. A survey of recent articles on MP.
Recent and forthcoming publications, i: 31–36
Recent publications, iii: 39–41
Romance, ‘Phantasie’ and the Genesis of Mervyn Peake’s Trilogy, Sally Jacquelin, ii: 7–18
Translating the Titus books, Rosa Gonzalez, ii: 19–23. The translator of the Spanish edition reports on some of the problems she encountered.
A Child of Bliss [a memoir by MP’s son Sebastian], reviewed by G Peter Winnington, iii: 33–38
Tanya Gardiner-Scott’s Mervyn Peake: The Evolution of a Dark Romantic [1989], reviewed by Lesley Marx, iv: 9–18
Peake at the Imperial War Museum, reviewed by Gerard Neill, iv: 29–34. Twenty-four of MP’s wartime commissioned drawings and paintings exhibited.
Belsen [2 drawings by Mervyn Peake], ii: 24–25
The dustwrapper [possibly by MP] for The Fortunes of Falstaff, by John Dover Wilson, iii: 37
*A page of animal sketches by Mervyn Peake from the manuscript of Titus Alone, iv: 3
*‘Sebby, Feb 1948. Sark.’ A drawing by Mervyn Peake, iii: 3 [frontispiece – a splendid pen-and-ink sketch]
Previously unpublished photographs of Eric Drake on Sark (i: 4); the Art Gallery, Sark (i: 9); and the Sark group participating in a procession (i: 11).

Volume 2, issues i–iv
published between Autumn 1990 and Spring 1992

Afterword: Mervyn Peake as a war artist, by G Peter Winnington, ii: 43–51. Following the article reproducing MP’s correspondence with the MoI during WWII (see below), this piece addresses the question of why MP was not given more work as a war artist and lists all the works he produced for the MoI.
Book News, i: 25–29
Castles, books, and bridges: Mervyn Peake and Iain Banks, by Ronald Binns, i: 5–12
Did You Know . . . ? by Pete Bellotte, iv: 19–28. Biographical snippets culled from MP’s (as yet unpublished) letters to Goatie Smith. Illustrated.
Dr P G Smith [by GPW], i: 23 & 25. A brief obituary of MP’s lifelong friend.
Eros and the virgin archetype in the Titus books, by Ann Yeoman, iii: 3–14
Mervyn Peake’s correspondence with the Ministry of Information during World War II, edited with notes by GPW, ii: 3–42
News and Reviews, iv: 29–36
News Roundup, ii: 52–53
Peake drama in the saleroom [by GPW], iii: 46–49. Reports on an important sale of MP manuscripts, mainly his plays, at Sotheby’s.
Peake’s Thing and Hawthorne’s Pearl, by G Peter Winnington, iii: 15–33
Random Thoughts on Mervyn Peake: the problems of a novelist, poet, and artist achieving wider posthumous fame, by Pete Bellotte, i: 19–22
Sita and Salome: a short comparative look at the art of Aubrey Beardsley and Mervyn Peake, by Gavin O’Keefe, iii: 35–39
Uncollected Poems by Mervyn Peake, edited by GPW, iv: 5–17. Eleven poems that had not been reprinted since their first appearance in periodicals between 1937 and 1948. With notes.
At the Stormont Studio, Rye, 1–30 September 1990, reviewed by Laurence Bristow-Smith, i: 13–17. Some fifty examples of MP’s life drawing on display.
Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore at the Littlehampton Museum, 12 September–30 November 1991, reviewed by Gerard Neill, iii: 41–45. An exhibition of work by both Maeve and Mervyn, mainly from the years 1939–1946 that they spent at Warningcamp and Burpham.
Sybil Corbet. A page from Animal Land Where There are No People (1897) i: 24
Gavin O’Keefe. ‘The far hyena laughter’, i: 28 Mervyn Peake:
Detail from Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor, iv: 35
*Drawings from an unpublished propaganda leaflet:
– Reclining Figure’, ii: 17
– Mourning Mother, ii: 18
– Landscape with figure, ii: 26–27
– Mother and child, ii: 45
‘Happy Christmas from the Woodstock Gallery’, iii: 24–25
From Quest for Sita, iii: 34
*‘Manifold Basket’, iii: 47
Mrs Lurch, from The Wit to Woo, iii: 40
*Sketches from the correspondence with Goatie Smith:
*Friendly monster, iv: 21
*‘The Emmaumus’, iv: 22
*A letterhead from 1943, iv: 26
*The feet of the Dusky Birron, iv: 28
*‘Titus in Umbra’, from the MS of Gormenghast, iv: 18
*‘Titus Groan’, from the MS of Titus Groan, iv: 24
*A witch with her familiar, in a presentation copy of Witchcraft in England, i: 3
Dubious attributions to Peake:
The dustwrapper of The Harp and the Oak by Hugh Massingham, i: 18
Title-page vignette for Pasternak’s Selected Poems (1946) iv: 3

Volume 3, issues i–iv
published between Autumn 1992 and Spring 1994

The Chinese Puzzle of MP, Laurence Bristow-Smith, iii: 21–44
A Christian View of the Titus Books, Selwyn Goodacre, ii: 5–8
Creativity and Disease: the Parkinsonian Imagination of MP, Duncan Barford, i: 5–15
The Desecration of Rituals in Gormenghast, Luisella Ciambezi, iv: 17–20
From a Problematics to a Poetics of Peake, Miles Fielder, iv: 21–38
The Green Peake of Titus Alone, Desmond Mason, i: 17–20
The Impact of MP on his Readers, G Peter Winnington, iii: 7–24
In Respect to Religion: A Response to Selwyn Goodacre’s article, John Seland, ii: 9–18
A Note on the Text of the Folio edition, G Peter Winnington, i: 28–32
Peake’s Fantastic Realism in the Titus Books, Pierre-Yves Le Cam, iv: 5–15
A Snark from Sark: MP’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark, Gavin O’Keefe, i: 33–39
Flawed Masterpieces: new editions of The Hunting of the Snark and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, reviewed by Gavin O’Keefe, iv: 39–40
The Folio edition of the Titus books, illustrated by Peter Harding, reviewed by Gerard Neill, i: 21–27
The Overlook Edition of the Titus Books, reviewed by Selwyn Goodacre, ii: 23–28
A Sale of Peake drawings at Christie’s: a report by Gerard Neill, i: 41–42
Anon. The cover of The Hounds of Tyndalos, iii: 21
Laurence Bristow-Smith. Photographs from China:
– The Forbidden City, iii: 30
– A pair of bronze Chinese lions, iii: 32
– One of a pair of turtle beasts, iii: 34
– One of the Guardians of the Spirit way, iii: 36
– One of the elephants along the Spirit Way, iii: 37
– The blasphemous finger of rock at Chengteh, iii: 41
Anthony Browne. An illustration from The Gorilla (1984) iii: 23
Gwen Heeney. A photograph of her 30-metre dragon at Ebbw Vale, iii: 18
Henry Holiday’s frontispiece for The Hunting of the Snark (1876) i: 35
Desmond Mason:
– Gormenghast Mountain iii: 15,
– Gertrude, Countess of Groan, iii: 17
– Two sketches of Lord Groan, iii: 19
Lucja Mroz. The cover drawing for the Polish translation of Titus Groan, iii: 9
Gavin O’Keefe. Four illustrations and lettering for Titus Alone, iii: 10–13 Mervyn Peake:
The Baker atop the crag, from The Hunting of the Snark, i: 39
*Dr Prunesquallor and Irma in her party dress. A drawing from the MS of Gormenghast, ii: 25
*Fabian, a brush-and-black-ink-study, i: 3
Four illustrations from The Oxford English Course for Secondary Schools, ii: 19–22
*‘Gormenghast Castle’ – a sketch from the MS of the Titus books, iii: 14
Little Jack Horner, from Ride a Cock-Horse (1940) iii: 22
*a pen-and-ink study of Maeve Gilmore, signed and dated ’38, i: 40
Man with a Scythe, iii: 43
‘The Maranesa lives alone’, iii: 33
‘Margery Jourdemayne’: an illustration from Witchcraft in England (1945, p.117) i: 16
Old man from Quest for Sita, iii: 39
*a preliminary study for The Hunting of the Snark: the landing, i: 37
‘This is the lair of the Mastermire’, iii: 35
Three illustrations from Tom Thumb, ii: 29–31
Two illustrations from The Oxford English Course for Secondary Schools, iv: 24–25
*‘War’ – No 12 (watercolour with bodycolour) ii: 3

Volume 4, issues i–iv
published between Autumn 1994 and Spring 1996

‘Arabesque in Motion’: the dreamscape of Gormenghast, Ann Yeoman, i: 7–24
Atrophied Sexuality in Gormenghast, Desmond Mason, ii: 33–38
Desire and Disappointment in Letters from a Lost Uncle, Alice Mills, iii: 7–28
Elysian Fields, Hadean glooms: Titus Groan’s mythical quest, Rob Hindle, iv: 7–20
Feedback iii: 40–41
The Great Stone Island: Gormenghast Castle and Sark, David Shayer, iii: 29–36
How Not to Edit Mervyn Peake, Dainis Bisenieks, iv: 31–38
The Imagery of Boy in Darkness, R Boerem and John Seland, ii: 5–20
Intertextuality in Non-Realistic fictions: Novel, Film, Comic, Miles Fielder, ii: 21–32
Invitation to Derrible: the Pye Project, David Shayer, iv: 21–26
‘Madness can be lovely’: the range and meaning of Mervyn Peake’s nonsense verse, Duncan Barford, i: 29–52
News Roundup i: 53–55
News Roundup ii: 45–46
News Roundup iii: 42–44
News Roundup iv: 51–52
The David Glass Gormenghast in Malaysia, reviewed by Chan Yuen-Li, iv: 43–45
Richard Harland, The Vicar of Morbing Vyle, reviewed by Gavin O’Keefe, iii: 37–39
Mervyn Peake Society, Peake Papers, reviewed by Laurence Bristow-Smith , ii: 39–41
A talk by Sebastian Peake, reviewed by Desmond Mason, iv: 39–42
Adam Piette, Imagination at War, reviewed by Laurence Bristow-Smith, iv: 46–50
Stansky and Abrahams, London’s Burning, reviewed by Adam Piette, ii: 42–44
Richard Middleton, A Gormenghast Portfolio, i: 25
– Sepulchrave i: 26
– Flay i: 27
– Barquentine burns Steerpike i: 28
Mervyn Peake:
*Chinaman (pencil on tracing paper) iii: back cover
*Ithell Colquhoun (brush) iv: 5
Four illustrations for Tom Thumb iv: 27–30
*Girls, dog and galleon (line drawing) i: back cover
*A greetings card iii: 5
*‘Have a Pear’ (a pen-and-ink drawing) i: 5
*Man in a turban (pencil) iii: 21
*Negro Woman (sepia crayon) ii: back cover
*Three heads (line drawing) ii: 48
*Two nuns in Dubrovnik (ink and wash) iii: 23
*Urchin and stone lion (sepia ink) iii: 22

Volume 5, issues i–iv
published between November 1996 and April 1998

Five Illustrated Nonsense Poems by MP. iv: 21–27. Reproduces newly-discovered nonsense poems with their respective illustrations.
The Form of Peake’s Cave, GPW, iii: 28–38. Describes the edition of Peake’s play, The Cave, published by the MPS, and shows that they unfortunately reproduced an inferior typescript.
Gormenghast, a censored fairytale, Pierre-Yves Le Cam, ii: 23–41
Holocaust Peake, Alice Mills. Iv: 28–44 On Titus Alone.
Humour in the Titus Books, John Donaldson, iii: 11–27
Mervyn and Maeve, Andrew Hall, iii: 5–10
Mervyn Peake and Memory, Charles Gilbert, iv: 5–20. A study of how memories of P’s childhood in China permeate the Titus books. Slightly revised from London Magazine, Vol. 35, Nos 9 & 10, December 1995/January 1996.
Mirrors, Water and Smells in Titus Alone, Alice Mills, ii: 7–22
P J Lynch on the challenge of illustrating Peake, ii: 47–48.By the illustrator of a new edition of Boy in Darkness.
News Roundup, i: 51–55
News Roundup, ii: 50–51 News Roundup, iii: 47
Recent Publications, iii: 44–46
Recent Publications, iv: 45–46
The Writing of Titus Groan, G. Peter Winnington, i: 19–48.What was happening in MP’s life while he was writing TG and how it may have influenced the book.
The Faber Book of War Poetry, reviewed by Adam Piette, iii: 39–43
A new edition of Boy in Darkness, reviewed by Diana Wynne Jones, ii: 42–45
P J Lynch, from his Boy in Darkness:
– The Goat, ii: 46
– ‘His hierophants . . . peered over one another’s shoulders’, ii: 49
Mervyn Peake:
Advertisement for Jamaica Rum, i: back cover
*A double portrait of Maeve Gilmore, iii: 5
*‘Again! again! and yet again’ iv: 22
Fifteen advertisements for the Brewers Society, i: 3–18
From the MS of Titus Groan:
*Babies’ heads, i: 25
*A typical manuscript page, i: 29
*Irma ‘screamed from her swanlike throat . . .’ i: 31
*A mad cat, i: 35
*‘Mervyn Peakeyweakey’ iii: 25
*The mud dwellings beneath the castle walls, ii: 26–27
*‘I cannot give you reasons’ iv: 27
*‘The King of Ranga-Tanga-Roon’ iv: 24
*‘One day when they had settled down’ iv: back cover
*Pen-and-ink portrait, ii: 5
Portrait of Pamela Hansford Johnson, ii: back cover
*Uncle George iv: 23
*Unfinished drawing of Billy Bottle, iii: back cover

Volume 6, issues i–iv
published between November 1998 and April 2000

Cinematic features in Gormenghast, Sophie Aymès, i: 36–42
An Excellence of Peake, Michael Moorcock, iv: 7–14
‘The Kings’: MP’s unpublished alphabetical book, Andrew Hall, i: 29–34
Literalized Metaphors and the Comedy of Excess in Mr Pye, Alice Mills, iii: 25–39
MP, Oscar Wilde and Aestheticism, Rob Hindle, i: 3–25
MP’s Letters to Chatto & Windus, ed. GPW, ii: 5–38
Mr Pye: an Ovidian Curse for a Dichotomized Evangelist, Pierre François, ii: 39–47
News Roundup i: 50–51
News Roundup ii: 51–53
News Roundup iii: 40–41 News Roundup iv: 46
The Paradox of Keda: a post-colonial (Gothic) reading of Gormenghast, Andrew Ng, iv: 26–43
Recent publications iv: 44–45
Titus Alone, or the Spirit of Carnival ‘after the catastrophe’, Pierre François, iii: 4–20
The Tragedy of Fuchsia Groan, E B Frohvet, i: 43–45
The Audio book of Gormenghast reviewed by John Donaldson iv: 21–24
The BBC’s ‘Gormenghast’ and The Art of Gormenghast reviewed by GPW iv: 15–20
Documentary Peake: the BBC ‘Bookmark’ programme reviewed by Colin Greenland i: 46–49
Fine Peake-time Viewing: the opera of Gormenghast reviewed by Rodney Milnes ii: 53–54
When the Penguin Speaks: the audio book of Titus Groan reviewed by John Donaldson ii: 48–50
*‘Bung-ho!’ iv: 14
*‘Concertina Island’ iii: 42
*Drawing of an old man iv: back cover
The dustwrapper of Shapes & Sounds ii: 25
The dustwrapper of The Past Must Alter ii: back cover
*‘The King of I’ i: 35
*‘The King of J’ i: 31
*‘The King of R’ i: 33
*‘The King of Y’ i: 28
*‘The King of Z’ i: 26–27
*Mother and Child ii: 29
*Portrait (subject not known) i: back cover
*‘Uncle Sam Says it with flowers’ iii: 3
*A view of Cobo Bay. (Seascape, in colour) iii: 22–23
*‘Whoops!’ iv: 25

Volume 7, issues i–iv
published between November 2000 and April 2002

Despite his Evil Actions, Ian Johnson, ii: 9–18. On why Steerpike remains attractive to the reader.
Frankly Missing the Target, Malcolm Yorke, iii: 18–29. A response to Gerard Neill’s review of Yorke’s book in 7: ii.
Inspiration and Astonishment: Peake’s influence on Perdido Street Station, Alice Mills, iv: 19–24
News Roundup, ii: 38–39
News Roundup, iii: 30–31 News Roundup, iv: 30
Parodies and Poetical Allusions, G. Peter Winnington, iv: 25–29. Identifies some of the poems that MP parodied.
Peake, Knole, and Orlando, G. Peter Winnington, i: 24–29. Another possible source of inspiration for Gormenghast.
Rebel without a Cause: the cultural matrix of the Titus books, Colin Manlove, iv: 7–18
Recent Publications, ii: 39
Recent Publications, iii: 32–39
Recent Publications, iv: 30–33
The Rime and the Reason: Peake, Doré, and the Ancient Mariner, Gavin O’Keefe, i: 6–12
Swelter’s Song: a previously unpublished poem by Mervyn Peake, ii: 5–8
‘White Mules at Prayer’, a previously unpublished poem by Mervyn Peake, i: 17–22
Irmin Schmidt’s Fantasy Opera ‘Gormenghast’ on CD, reviewed by Richard Sisson, i: 14–16
Letters from a Lost Uncle, reviewed by GPW (within Recent Publications) iii: 34–38
Malcolm Yorke’s Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold, reviewed by Gerard Neill, ii: 22–33
Titus Alone: A New Life
(i.e. Peake Papers II), reviewed by Tanya Gardiner-Scott, ii: 34–36
Seriously Weird: Papers on the Grotesque
(ed. Alice Mills), reviewed by Nick Freeman, ii: 37
s Alice, and Witchcraft, reviewed by Gerard Neill, iii: 3–17. The Chris Beetles exhibition of September 2001 and the special edition of Peake’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass.
*Audrey Brown ii: 21
*Barbara Brown ii: 20
*Fabian ii: 3
*Fantastic portrait  i: 3
*Flay and Steerpike watch Swelter ii: 7
*For Treasure Island iii: 21. Fully worked 1st state of final illustration
From Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass iii: 5, 9, 11, 12, 13
From Letters from a Lost Uncle iii: 35, 36, 37 contrasting the 1976 and 2001 editions
*From Witchcraft in England iii: 14 (untrimmed, previously unpublished in this state)
‘The Jailor and the Jaguar’ from Rhymes without Reason iv: 27
*John Longmire (attributed to Peake) iii: back cover
‘*The Lazy Spinner’ iv: 6
*Marginal Sketches i: 30
*Monica Hall ii: back cover
*‘Mother Holle’ iv: 5
‘Old Ratty’iv: 31
*Puzzled Peasant iv: 3
*Rottcodd in his hammock i: 18–19
*‘Rumplestiltskin’ iv: 4
*‘Simpleton’ iv: back cover
*‘The Spotted Prangle’i: 23
*Three stages of an illustration for Treasure Island ii: 26–28. Previously unpublished sketches and an annotated proof.
*‘Women were more curved in 3007 BC’ i: 13

Volume 8, issues i–iv
published between November 2002 and April 2004

‘Battersea’: an early version of ‘The Cocky Walkers’, iv: 7–8
Blakeston’s Hollow Review, by Gavin L. O’Keefe, iv: 19–28
Burning the Globe: another attempt to situate Gormenghast, G. Peter Winnington ii: 12–23
‘The Cocky Walkers’: Youth Crime and Social Comment, Nick Freeman, iv: 9–18
Diagnosing Mervyn Peake’s Neurological Condition, Demetrios J. Sahlas iii: 4–20
‘Differing Passions’: Andreas Capellanus and Mervyn Peake, Jamie A. Hughes iii: 29–38
Editorial, ii: 7–8
Feedback, i: 5
Mervyn Peake and the cinema, by GPW iv: 29
News Roundup i: 46
News Roundup ii: 24
News Roundup iii: 43–47
Peake and English Fantasy: some possible influences, Colin Manlove, i: 35–45
‘A Quality of Flux’: the formal logic of Mervyn Peake’s illustrations and texts, Sophie Aymès, i: 6–34
Recent & Forthcoming Publications, i: 46
Recent Publications, ii: 25–27
Recent Publications, iii: 39–42
Recent Publications, iv: 30
‘Vikings’, MP’s first published poem, II: 9
MP’s Figures of Speech (2003) reviewed by GPW, iii: 39–41
*‘Ate que a morte nos separe’ [Until death us do part]: a propaganda postcard ii: 5 [recto], 6 [verso]
*Brush portrait of a boy ii: 15
Dog-man, for Footfruit iii: 13
The Dickens World: cover drawing iii: back cover
*‘Ennui’ iv: 6
Figure with cats iii: 14
Flying figure (1953) iii: 12
Figures of Speech: dustwrapper design (1954) iii: 40
Figures of Speech: dustwrapper design (2003) iii: 42
from Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor i: 16, 18, 20
from The Craft of the Lead Pencil i: 27
from Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (B10) i: 12, 31
from Letters from a Lost Uncle i: 24
from More Prayers and Graces i: 16
from the MS of Titus Groan i: 26
from Prayers and Graces i: 12, 20
from Ride a Cock-Horse i: 30
from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (B12) i: 17, 25, 28
*Head on hand iv: 3
*‘Helping her undress’ (1956) iii: 3
Menu design for a PEN dinner in honour of Hermon Ould (1946) iv: 17–18
Mr Turveydrop: a character sketch from Bleak House (B24) iii: 45
*‘O boy, isn’t life good’ – from a letter ii: 11
Prancing figure (D87) iii: 21
*Reclining woman iv: 4
*Sebastian: seven drawings of Peake’s son as a baby iii: 22-28
Spring, by Shakespeare iv: back cover
*Swelter using his navel as a salt cellar ii: back cover
*‘To Leslie from Mervyn, Feb 10 1940’: a portrait of Maeve ii: 14
*‘To Ruthven Todd’ i: back cover
*Young man and bearded man iv: 5

Volume 9, issues i–iv
published between October 2004 and April 2006

Forthcoming books iv: 32
From Walton to Gormenghast by Mark Robertson, iv: 23–28
Godless religion and maimed earldom in Titus Groan, Pierre François, 1: 5–34
Kuling, Peake’s Birthplace by GPW, with photographs by Max Stauber, iv: 8–22
London Fantasy by Mervyn Peake, iv: 3–7
Lost Lubin: a comparison of The Adventures of Uncle Lubin and Letters from a Lost Uncle, Henry Eliot, i: 35–45
MP’s Two radio Plays for Christmas ii: 5–31 Introduced by GPW (pages 5 & 6) and transcribed from the BBC scripts, showing the differences between ‘A Christmas Commission’ (recorded October 1954) and ‘The Voice of One’ (recorded December 1956). See Part E.
News Roundup i: 46
News Roundup ii: 33–34
Recent News and forthcoming events iii: 30–32
Recent news and forthcoming events iv: 30
Recent Publications iii: 29
Recent publications iv: 31
Severing Relations Suggests that the illustration of ‘severing relations’ in Figures of Speech was influenced by a cartoon by ‘Fix’ in Lilliput. iii: 35
The Things they Say i: 46–47
The Things they Say ii: 34–35
The Things they Say iii: 33
The Things they Say iv: 34
Felix Kelly (‘Fix’): More Nonsense Clichés iii: 35
Mervyn Peake:
*‘Dr Jekyll’ i: back cover
*Frame for Kings from A to Z iii: 3
*Horned Figure i: 3
Line drawings from Lilliput, Strand, London Mystery Magazine, and World Review iii: 4–28
*Little girl ii: back cover
*Portrait of Monica Macdonald (aka ‘Woman in Red’) iii: back cover
*Proof title-page of Treasure Island iv: back cover
*Standing studio nude ii: 32
*Two portraits ii: 3 & 4
Heath Robinson: From The Adventures of Uncle Lubin i: 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42
Max Stauber: Photographs of Kuling iv: 15–19 & 21

Volume 10, issues i–iv
published between October 2006 and April 2008

Fantasies of War in Peake’s Uncollected Verse, R.W. Maslen iv: 5–23
Forthcoming books i: 52
Forthcoming Publications ii: 45
Four Old Men (aka The Widowers) – an unfinished play by MP – ii: 14–27
The Greenhorn (an unfinished play by MP) iv: 26–34
In Search of Mr Pye by Mervyn Peake iii: 3–4
Isle Escape (an unfinished play by MP) ii: 6–13
MP’s Unfinished Plays (The Greenhorn and The Teddy Boys) ed. by GPW iv: 26–39
News Roundup ii: 35–37
News Roundup iii: 48
Peake’s Unpublished Plays (Isle Escape, Four Old Men/The Widowers and ‘Private Language’) ed. by GPW ii: 3–27
Performing the ‘Peakeresque’. Dramatic ways of introducing Peake to students in higher education, Stuart Olesker ii: 28–34
‘Private Language’ (a previously unpublished complete dialogue by MP) ii: 4–5
Putting together a new book on Peake, Alison Eldred i: 43–45
Recent and Forthcoming Publications iv: 40–44
Recent News iv: 40
Recent Publications ii: 37–40
Recent Publications iii: 45–47
Stasis and Rebellion in Gormenghast. Part I – Stasis, Pierre François iii: 5–23
The Teddy Boys (unfinished play by MP) iv: 35–39
The Things they Say i: 51
The Things they Say ii: 41–48
The Things they Say iv: 45–46
Those Wicked Doctors: a farce in three acts (a complete play) by MP i: 5–42
The Widowers (aka Four Old Men) – an unfinished play by MP – ii: 14–27
The BBC Gormenghast Revisited by Michael Lacey iii 41–44
Alice Mills’s Stuckness in the Fiction of Mervyn Peake (2006) reviewed by Pierre François i: 46–50
The Art of the Matter: GPW’s The Voice of the Heart (2006) reviewed by R.W. Maslen iii 26–40
Maeve Gilmore: Dustwrapper design for Chinese White by Burgess Drake i: back cover
Mervyn Peake:
*a copy of Gormenghast presented to W. H. Auden iv: 3
Head of a girl: line drawing ii: back cover
*Illustration for Shapes & Sounds iv: 41
*Portrait of Clare iv: 25
*Portrait of P.G.Smith iii 46
*Portrait of Sebastian iv: 24
*Two portraits of Eithne Henson iii 24–25
*‘We are the thoughtless people’ iv: 23

Volume 11, issues i–iv
published between October 2008 and April 2010

Brief Encounters: a letter from Mary Picton to Sebastian Peake i: 36–38
John Grome recalls MP in a letter to Maeve Gilmore iii: 6–10
Manifold Basket, an unfinished play by MP, ed. and introduced by GPW ii: 3–32
MP’s correspondence with Sir Kenneth Clark iii: 11–35
MP’s illustrations for Radio Times iv: 12–21
Mr & Mrs Peake hold a party, Michael Moorcock iv: 5–11
News Roundup ii: 55
News Roundup iii: 37
New Roundup iv: 22–27
Raymond Briggs recalls meeting MP i: 35
Recent and forthcoming publications i: 43–45
Some recent Peake Letters, edited by GPW iv: 28–35
Stasis and Rebellion in Gormenghast. Part II – Rebellion (Thanatos), Pierre François i: 5–34
Stasis and Rebellion in Gormenghast. Part III – Rebellion (Eros), Pierre François ii: 33–52
The Things they Say i: 46–47
The Things they Say ii: 53–55
The Things they Say iii: 38–40
The Collected Poems of Mervyn Peake reviewed by Nick Freeman i: 39–42
Leslie Hurry: a painting incorporating ‘September 1939’ by MP i: 23
Mervyn Peake:
*Accordion player (oil painting 1934) iv: 4
*‘Allez-Oop!’ an endpaper sketch signed ‘Squeak’ iv: back cover
*Bellgrove in front of the cricket stumps (from the MS of Manifold Basket) ii: 29
Book plate for Nehemiah Asherson iv: 33
*Cockerel, an oil painting by MP from the mid-1940s iii: 36 (in colour)
*Cutting hay on Sark (1934), oil painting i: 24–25
*Flyleaf dedication to ‘Elizabeth’ in a copy of Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor i: back cover
Illustrations for Radio Times iv: 12–21
*Lady Alexandra Roche ii: back cover
London (from the cover of Shapes & Sounds, 1974) iii: 3
Man with scythe (1934) i: 25
*MP – a photograph from the early 1950s iii: 4
*MP – a portrait from memory by John Grome iii: 5 (in colour)
*A pool on Sark or Guernsey, oil on canvas (ca. 1934) i: 26 (in colour)
*Tintageou (oil painting 1933) iv: 3 (in colour)
Two versions of Timothy Twitch iv: 25
*White horse (oil painting) iv: 34

Volume 12, issues i–iv
published between October 2010 and April 2012

Alice and Tenniel and Me: a radio talk by MP iii: 4–8
The Artist’s World: a radio talk by MP ii: 5–7
Behind Twisted Woods of Thorn: pastoral themes in the Titus books, Oliver Plaschka i: 29–47
Book Illustration: a radio talk by MP ii: 15–21
Finding Gormenghast and the Groans in China, Peter Neville-Hadley iii: 28–38
Forthcoming events i: 50–52
The Hacker Portrait, by
GPW iv: 19–30
Johnny Butterfield and other projected stories, ed.
GPW iv: 4–18
Mervyn at the microphone, Kay Fuller ii: 10–14
News Roundup ii: 45–47
News Roundup iii: 43–49
News Roundup iv: 40–43
Peake at Southport: published and unpublished verses from the seafront, 1942, R. W. Maslen i: 3–24
The Reader Takes Over: a radio discussion ii: 25–41
The Things They Say ii: 47–48
The Things They Say iii: 51–52
The Things They Say iv: 44
What it is to be human: a report on the MP Conference [at Chichester, July 2011], Peter Nixon iii: 39–42
What it was like, Clare Penate iii: 19–20
A World of Nonsense, Vanessa Bonnet iv: 31–39

Sara Wasson’s Urban Gothic of the Second World War reviewed by Adam Piette i: 48–50
The Naxos audio book of Titus Groan reviewed by John Donaldson ii: 42–44
Clare Peake’s Under a Canvas Sky reviewed by Gerard Neill iii: 16–19
Complete Nonsense (ed. Maslen & Winnington) reviewed by Stuart Olesker iii: 21–25

*Portrait of Dennis Cleary (in colour) ii: 24
*A cat from the MS of Titus Alone iii: 20
*‘Caught by the Camera’ (in colour) iv: 30
*‘The Christening of the Thisellwhithle’ iv: 20
*Companions iii: back cover
*A Cow on the beach iv: 20
*Crantock Beach (oil painting) iv: 19
*Dancing donkey (from the Sunday Books, in colour) i: 28
*Dog barks at woman ii: 3
Dorothy Webster Gordon (portrait, in colour) ii: 25
*Fencing with the canvas iv: 23
*Full-length portrait from imagination (in colour) iv: 25
*Giraffe (from the Sunday Books, in colour) i: 25
*Going surfing iv: 30
*The Hacker Prize portrait of Mary Brownlee (in colour) iv: 26
*Humanized giraffe with animalized man ii: 26
Kay Fuller (portrait) ii: 13
*Late drawing iv: 39
*‘The Lifted Chin’ iv: back cover
*A leafy lane on Sark (oil painting, in colour) iii: 50
*Maeve Gilmore (portrait) iv: 3
*Mary Brownlee dejected iv: 28
*Playing golf on the beach iv: 29
*A portrait from the
MS of Titus Alone (Box 7 ii) iv: 45
*Portrait in wash, unknown sitter iii: 5
*Posing for the Hacker portrait (in colour) iv: 24
*Repairing the roof of Sark Mill iii: 26–27
*St Christopher from Fabian’s Sunday Book iii: 47
*St Francis of Assisi from Fabian’s Sunday Book iii: 48
*Seaside with donkey and figures ii: 22
*Self portrait signed Hacker iii: 14
*Singing on the beach iv: 27
*Swordfish (from the Sunday Books, in colour) i: 26–7
*Talking it over ii: 28
*Thoughtful man ii: back cover
*Tiger head ii: 48
*Turkey head ii: 23

Volume 13, issues i–iv
published between October 2012 and April 2014;

‘Boy in Darkness’: from parody to satire, Pierre François iii: 26–40
From Pictures to Prose: how Goya and Rembrandt contributed to the Titus Books, Garance Coggins i: 3–15
The Grotesque in ‘Danse Macabre’ by Nahid Shahbazi Moghadam iv: 15–25
Mervyn Peake’s Letters to Maeve Gilmore, GPW iii: 5–21
News Roundup, ii: 40
News Roundup, iii:44–45
Recent books, ii: 21–29
Reproducing Peake’s
MS drawings: some thoughts and suggestions, Garance Coggins ii: 3–19
Sebastian Peake: a eulogy, Michael Moorcock i: 21
Sebastian Peake: some reflections, Stuart Olesker i: 28–29
The Things They Say, ii: 30–39
The Things They Say, iii: 41–44
The Things They Say, iv: 29–32

Collected Works of MP (Queen Anne Press), ii: 24–28
Children’s Picturebooks: the art of visual storytelling (Laurence King), ii: 28–29
‘Gormenghast’: the board game iv: 26–28

For Alice in Wonderland:
*– Frog iv: 8
*– Mouse iv: 9
The Ancient Mariner with the Albatross from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner i: 9
*The Barking Hounds (pen-and-ink) ii: 3
*The Black Cap (portrait in oils) ii: 21
for Bleak House:
*– Joe the crossing sweeper iii: 25
*– Mr Gridley iv: 12
*– Mrs Guppy iv: 10
*– one of Mrs Pardiggle’s sons,  presumably Alfred iv: 14
*– two of Mrs Pardiggle’s sons  iii: 23 and 24
*– Mr Snaggsby iv: 13
*– Mr Turveydrop iv:11
*Clare about to cry (from an undated letter to Maeve, ca mid-August 1950) iii: 15
*Clown from Fabian’s Sunday Book i: 22
Dancing Sailor from The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb i: 3
*‘Dark Portrait’ i: 18
*Figure in ink and watercolour iii: 3
*Female face (from a letter to Maeve dated 19 April 1962) iii: 20
*Giuseppe (from ‘Sally Devius’) iii: 47
Harlequin Phoenix (frontispiece) iii: back cover
*If Pigs Could Fly (pen-and-ink) ii: 39
*Irish horse with protection against flies (from a letter to Maeve dated 10 July 1956) iii: 17
*Maeve and Sebastian (or Fabian) i: 25
MS sketch of Steerpike ii: 11
MS sketch of Steerpike ii: 13
MS sketch of Keda’s crag ii: 14
*Oval Face iii: 48
*Portrait of a young girl ii: 19
*Portrait of Caroline Norton iii: 22
*Portrait of Vivien Leigh i: 19
*Profile of a girl iii: 45
*The Red Scarf (watercolour portrait) ii: 20
*St Bartholomew’s Church, Fingest (in colour) iii:46
*Self-portrait as a hospital patient (from a letter to Maeve postmarked March 1958) iii:19
The sketch of Keda’s crag from the Vintage edition ii: 15
*Three friendly monsters (from letters to Maeve dated 16 March 1958; 11 May 1961; and 26 April 1962) iii: 21
*Small boy dressed as a clown i: 20
From Treasure Island:
– Ben Gunn and Jim i: 23;
– Jim on the bowsprit of the Hispaniola i: 26;
– *preliminary sketch for the same i: 27
*Valentine card for Maeve (1953) iii: 15
‘A Yard of Ale’ or ‘A Tall Order’ ii: back cover

Illustrations by others
Blake, William, frontispiece for Songs of Experience i: 3
Cranston, Johanna, ‘The Banishment of Flay’ iv: 39
Goya, ‘The Sleep of Reason’ i: 7
——, ‘Spell’ i: 4
Miller, Ian, ‘Gormenghast’ i: 16–17
——, ‘The Tower of Flints’ i: back cover
Rembrandt, ‘Judas Repentant’ (detail) i: 9
——, ‘Titus at his Desk’ i: 11
Tierney, Scarlett, ‘Aunty Flo’ iv: 33
Tyler, H.L., Dr Prunesquallor: ‘Pick your Poison’ iv: 37
——, ‘Prunesquallor’s Journey’  iv: 36
——, Steerpike: ‘How White and Scarlet is that Face’ (embroidery) iv: 38
——, ‘A sunflower in Gormen­ghast’ (embroidery) iv: 38
Velten, Morgane, ‘The Countess in bed’ iv: 35
——, ‘Steerpike seducing Irma Prunesquallor’ iv: 34

Volume 14, issues i—iii
October 2014—October 2015

Dark and Deathless Rabble of Long Shadows: Peake, Dickens, Tolkien, and ‘this dark hive called London’ by Hadas Elber-Aviram ii: 7–32
Ernest Thesiger as a Source of Inspiration for Dr Prunesquallor by H. L. Tyler iii: 11–14
Fuchsia’s Origins by G. Peter Winnington iii: 15–20
News Roundup ii: 33–40
Mr Loftus, or And a Horse of Air. A play in 2 acts of 4 scenes, by Mervyn Peake i: 3–105
Peake’s Ballads: ‘The Touch o’ the Ash’ and The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb by G. Peter Winnington iii: 21–33
The Things They Say ii: 41–47
The Things They Say iii: 34–38

Peake in China: Memoirs of Ernest Cromwell Peake (i.e. Mervyn Peake’s father; original title: Memoirs of a Doctor in China) i: 107–117

For Bleak House:
*Mr Guppy ii: 3
*Mrs Pardiggle ii: 5
*Mrs Pardiggle’s three sons ii:4
Dancing Sailor from The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb iii: 29
Four Nursery Rhymes iii: 5–8
*Landgirl iii: 3
*Model in a Black Coat iii: 17
Old Man and Child iii: 28


* Previously unpublished artwork by Peake is preceded by an asterisk.

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