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The Voice of the Heart:
corrections and comments


Page 109, the first epigraph: the page reference for the Book of Nonsense should be 78, not 82.


Page 7, the quotation (9 lines up from the foot) from Boy in Darkness p.222: ‘the beating of four hearts’.
When Peter Owen brought out Boy in Darkness and Other Stories (2007), they changed this phrase to ‘the beating of their hearts’ presumably because they think that, in addition to the Lamb, there are only three persons present, and the Lamb (according to the end of the story) has no heart. This does not affect my argument, but anyone coming across this quotation in the new edition might be puzzled by the discrepancy.

Page 11: the poem quoted on line 4 (‘Beneath my ribs are the spaces / Of the Pleiades’) has now been published in Collected Poems (2008) as ‘Troop Train’ (p.80).

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